Towards a bio-based all-island economy: urban biowaste conversion to carboxylates, nutrient products and renewable energy

In 2022, the EPA granted research funding to the University of Galway and Queen’s University Belfast to look at current urban biowaste processing systems across the island of Ireland to identify areas where valorisation of urban biowaste could result in the development of new value chains and enable a more sustainable system North and South.

The core areas of research within this project are:

  • to develop a stakeholder-led transformative change model for urban biowaste sustainability on the island of Ireland,
  • to demonstrate the recovery of carboxylate platform chemicals, nutrients and biogas from urban biowaste and their valorisation to high value-added products as an appropriate technological cascade to enable system-wide change towards Irish urban biowaste sustainability
  • to develop an enhanced support capacity, through the Irish Nutrient Sustainability Platform to develop and implement urban biowaste conversion project across Irish cities and towns, North and South.


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