The Nutri2Cycle project, funded by European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, is focused on the development of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus loop closure technologies, techniques and practices for a truly circular economy across European agriculture. This project brings together the extensive expertise of leading experts in the field of nutrient cycling from 19 organisations from 12 EU countries to work together towards better nutrient stewardship that will help decrease greenhouse gas emissions, reduce soil degradation and improve EU independence for energy and nutrients.

In Ireland, Teagasc – The Agriculture and Food Development Authority, as one of the work package (WP) lead partners, is coordinating work package 6 “Research into Action” of the Nutri2Cycle project, this involving selecting and setting up lighthouse demo pilot across Europe, including in Ireland to show stakeholder how research can be translated into practice.

In the frame of Nutri2Cycle project, agronomic trials using different agri-food processing waste resources as the source of bio-based recycling fertilisers are currently being researched and demonstrated at Teagasc, Johnstown Castle, Co. Wexford and with an arable farmer cooperator in Wicklow. The aim is to assess agronomic benefits and soil benefit in build soil C, N, P fertility and to facilitate farmers’ understanding to use these options and to replace chemical fertilisers.

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